Prayer Guide Directions


  • Pray this guide every day, at least once a day.
    • If we are not participating in prayer, we are not participating in the spiritual battle.  When we first win the spiritual battle; then we can win the battle in the natural realm.  A key to spiritual strength in prayer is consistency and perseverance. Praying this prayer guide consistently every day increases the spiritual strength of Project 52.
  • The principle of prayer is that it is spoken for the greatest effectiveness.
    • This Prayer Guide is a prayer of declaration on behalf of Project 52.  All declarations are to be spoken out loud.
  • Pray with boldness and fervency.
    • We want all of Heaven to stand up and notice when we pray.  It is a demonstration of the strength of our faith when we pray boldly and Use this guide to pray for specific answers to prayer.  God can answer our prayers more effectively and precisely when we are specific.  If there are additional details that need to be addressed when praying, i.e., persons, situations, etc., then include them in your spoken prayer.
  • Pray in agreement with others.
    • It is a spiritual principle of prayer power that we increase our prayer effectiveness when we pray together in agreement with others.  That is why the prayer begins by declaring agreement with all API intercessors.  You can join the Albuquerque Prayer Initiative to learn more about prayer workshops and events.